City of Washington, NC

Rules & Regulations for Serving
Alcoholic Beverages at Special Events
on City-Owned or -Leased Property

Three City of Washington documents address the serving of alcoholic beverages at special events on City-owned or -leased property:

Guidelines for Special Events on City-Owned
Property Serving Alcoholic Beverages

Each non-profit organization requesting permission to use City-owned property for a special event at which alcoholic beverages are proposed to be served shall submit such a request, in writing, to the City Council no later than thirty (30) days prior to the event. (For purposes of October 25, 2003, "Smoke on the Water", and only for this such dated event, this 30 day notice requirement is hereby waived.) The written request shall include the following:

1) proposed City-owned property to be used (i.e., park, street, parking lot, etc.)
2) date(s) and proposed time(s) for the special event
3) approximate number of participants expected
4) description of the proposed special event and reason(s) for its occurrence
5) types of alcoholic beverages to be served (i.e., beer, malt beverages, wine, liquor, etc.)
6) name(s) of contact person(s) for the event.

Said special event shall also comply with the following:

1) include food, either at least in the form of heavy hors d'oeuvres or a small meal
2) the sponsoring organization shall distribute for the City, for a purchase of $1 each, City-provided wristbands to all participants; said dollars to be remitted to the City to help offset City's costs associated with special event (i.e., service of Public Works, Police, Parks and Recreation, etc.)
3) provide for complete clean-up of debris/litter following event to City-proved containers
4) provide on-site signage for special event sufficient enough to identify the event and sponsoring organization
5) said organization shall furnish liability insurance in the amount of at least one million dollars with the City shown as the additional insured.

Washington City Code
Chapter 10, Article I, Section 10.1
Alcoholic Beverages - Public Possession or Consumption

(c) No person shall serve, sale, possess and/or consume alcoholic beverages on City-owned property, to include streets, parking lots, sidewalks, city-owned or -leased property, and public parks except at permitted special events with prior approval by the City Council and subject to the following conditions:

(1) that any organization using City property for such special event shall be required to secure all proper state alcoholic beverages control board licenses and permits for the particularly held event ;

(2) that the organiztion serving alcoholic beverages on the City-owned property shall comply in all respects with current regulations of the state alcoholic beverage control board;

(3) the City Council shall designate the time and place where alcoholic beverages may be served;

(4) the City Council reserves the right to make such other rules and regulations as may be necessary to govern the use of the City-owned property where alcoholic beverages may be served; and

(5) only bonafide, non-profit organizations as defined under North Carolina State Statute 18B-1002(a)(5) shall be eligible under this section.

Special Events Policy

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