Department of Planning and Development
FEMA Flood Map Identification Request
Property Location/Address:
Tax Parcel Number:
Subdivision Name:
Size of Property:
Include a Plot of Property
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Person Requesting Information:
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City of Washington Inspection Department
Fax 252.946.1965          E-mail:
Community Map Number: 370017
Panel Number:
5665J 5666J 5675J 5676J 5677J 5678J
5684J 5685J 5686J 5687J 5695J 5696J 5697J 6604J
Map Effective Date: May 15, 2003
Property appears to be located in Zone: AE (old A)      X with dots ( B)      X no dots (old C)
Base Flood Elevation of property required to be above MSL:        9'          10'         11'
(   )  We could not make a determination based on the information available and suggest that you seek the service of a Licensed Surveyor to establish the Base Flood Information.
(   )  This property could not be located based on the information that you provided.
(   )  Additional information is needed. Please provide:
Inspector Signed: _______________________________          Date: ______________________
This information is to assist in determining Base Flood Information. Our decision is made based upon the information that you provided. To the best of our knowledge it is true and accurate. Final determination can be made by a licensed Survey Engineer.
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