State Historic Preservation Office
Guidelines for North Carolina's Certified Local Government Program*
V. Performance Assessment and Decertification
  1. Conditions Warranting Decertification
    Performance shall be deemed unsatisfactory and decertification may be warranted if one or more of the following conditions exist:

    a. The local government fails to perform its delegated responsibilities, such as review of NRNs, administration of grant funds, or other delegated functions, within established time periods.

    b. The local government fails to actively carry out appropriate legistlation for the designation and protection of historic resources.

    c. The local government undertakes specific actions which are in conflict with the general purposes of advancing historic preservation or in general demonstrates a lack of regard for historic preservation in its community.

    d. The local government violates specific agreements (i.e. Memorandums of Agreement between the HPO, the local government, and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation).

    e. The local government fails to coordinate its responsibilities with the HPO.

  2. Termination of Grant Assistance
    The SHPO may terminate financial assistance in accordance with the National Register Programs Manual when a local government is decertified. The SHPO may then proceed as circumstances warrant to ensure completion of a project funded with this assistance.

  3. Requests for Recertification
    Upon decertification, a local government may immediately request recertification. However, the local government will lose eligibility to apply for matching funds during the grant cycle following decertification whether or not its recertification request is approved.

  4. Voluntary Decertification
    A CLG may petition the SHPO to be decertified voluntarily and without prejudice.
* Reproduced for the City of Washington Department of Planning and Development Website from the January 1992 revision of this document.
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