Manual of Standard Designs and Details
Series 45, Page 45.05 - 45.10
Permanent Seedings Table
  Plants and Mixtures Planting Rates per Acre Planting Dates Notes
1. Pensacola Bahiagrass 40-50 lbs. Mar. 15 - June 15 Adapted south of line - from Rockingham to Washington, N.C.
2. Wilmington Bahiagrass 40-50 lbs. Mar. 15 - June 15 Adapted south of line - from Shelby, Greensboro, Elizabeth City, N.C.

Common Bermudagrass (hulled)

Common Bermudagrass (unhulled)
8-12 lbs.

15-20 lbs.
April - July

January - March
Bermuda stands traffic, does not tolerate shade. In mountains keep under 2,000 elevation, on well-drained sunny sites. Refer to specifications for SODDING and SPRIGGING.
5. Sericea Lespedeza (scarified)

Weeping Lovegrass
40-50 lbs.

4-5 lbs.
March - June Lovegrass provides quick protective cover.
6. Sericea Lespedeza (scarified)

Common Bermudagrass (hulled)
40-50 lbs.

6-8 lbs.
March - June Bermuda provides quick cover, spreads and heals in open areas.
7. Sericea Lespedeza (scarified)

Tall Fescue
40-50 lbs.

25-30 lbs.
March - April Scarified Sericea may be spring seeded on Fescue that was seeded the previous fall.
8. Sericea Lespedeza (unscarified)

Tall Fescue
50-60 lbs.

25-30 lbs.
Dec. - Feb. If Sericea seed unavailable at planting time, it may be overseeded on Fescue later in the winter.
9. Sericea Lespedeza (unhulled - unscarified)

Tall Fescue

Millet or Sudan
60-70 lbs.

20-30 lbs.

15-20 lbs.
Sept. - Jan. Include summer annuals in early seedings only. If Sudan growth exceeds 10 inches, mow.
10. Sericea Lespedeza (unhulled - unscarified)

Common Bermuda (unhulled)

60-70 lbs.

10 lbs.

25 lbs.
Sept. - Dec. Rye used to provide quicker cover and help hold mulch. Mow rye when growth exceeds 10 inches (height).
11. Tall Fescue 40-60 lbs. Sept. - Nov. Not well suited to infertile, droughty, sandy soils. Requires good maintenance. Good shade tolerance. Double seeding rate for lawn-quality turf.
12. Tall Fescue
White Clover
30-50 lbs.

3-4 lbs.
Sept. - Nov. Can be used where regular mowing is desired and high level of maintenance will be provided.
13. Tall Fescue
Brown Millet
Sorghum-Sudan Hybrids
60 lbs.

35 lbs.

30 lbs.
Aug. - Sept. Keep annuals cut back to 10-12 inches.
14. Tall Fescue
70 lbs.

25 lbs.
Dec. - Jan. Use only when necessary to complete a job. Mulching will be necessary to provide erosion control. Keep annuals cut back to 10"-12".
15. Weeping Lovegrass 4-5 lbs. March - June Gives quick summer cover - well adapted to droughty sites - best in mixtures with Sericea Lespedeza. Tends to become clumpy with age.


1. There will be conditions and interest that will warrant the use of other plants or mixtures not listed in the table above. Their use should be evaluated for each site.

2. Some rules of thumb for conversions:

  • Pounds per Acre x 0.23 = Pounds per 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Square Feet of Area x 0.000023 = Acres (valid up to 10 acres)

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