Prepared Plot Plan for Zones: R6S, R9S, R15S, RHD, RMF, and RMH
Detached Residential Accessory Building
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Article VI, Section 57: Residential Accessory Structure and Building Standards.
(5) The total building footprint area of all accessory buildings on a lot shall be no greater than eighty (80) percent of the gross floor area of the principal building.
See Article VI, Section 57 of the Zoning Ordinance for additional information on:
(a) Detached residential accessory structures.
(b) Attached residential accessory structures.
(c) A list of accessory structures or buildings.
(d) Special requirements for certain accessory structures or buildings.
(e) Mobile homes, campers, office trailers and other manufactured homes.

1.  Gross Floor Area of the House:
     ______________ sq. ft.

2.  Allowable Combined Lot Coverage of
     Detached Accessory Buildings:
     (0.80 x gross floor area of house)
     ______________ sq. ft.

3.  Size of Residential Accessory Building Proposed:
     ______________ sq. ft.

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