Prepared Plot Plan for RMH Zone
(Article VI, Section 27-51)
Name: Phone:
A. Lot size:      ______________sq. ft.
     Minimum - 5,000 sq. ft.
     With water and sewer - 5,000 sq. ft.
E. Corner Lot Side Yard Setback    ____________ft.
     Minimum - 20 ft.
B. Lot Width      ______________ft.
     Minimum - 50 ft.
F. Rear Yard Setback     ______________ft.
     Minimum - 8 ft.**
C. Front Yard Setback     ______________ft.
     Minimum - 40 ft.*
G. Building Height     ______________ft.
     Maximum - 50 ft.
D. Side Yard Setback    ______________ft.
     Minimum - 8 ft.
H. Building Coverage:      ______________sq. ft.
     May not exceed forty (40) percent of the lot size.
* A 20 foot setback is required if a lot fronts a private street.
** Where stricter, buffer yard requirements will prevail.
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