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Building A New Home

To Obtain a Permit:

Minimum Information needed to complete an application for a New Home Permit.

  • Project Address
  • Property owner's name.
  • Tax Parcel # (may be obtained from the tax office, if not on file).
  • Total contract cost.
  • Each trade contractor, phone #, License #.
  • Full description of work to be done.
  • Plot plan showing dimensions of house, lot and accessory buildings.

Additional Information that may be needed.

  • Flood elevation certificate.
  • Septic tank permit.
  • Plot Plan.
  • CAMA Permit.
  • Projects costing more than $30,000 require a licensed general contractor.

What Is The Cost Of The Permit?

Total cost for all trades is $0.36 per sq. ft. for single family dwellings.

Plus a fee of $10.00 for a State Homeowner Recovery Fund.

Inquire for permit cost on accessory buildings, porches, decks, etc..

Permit Fees

Building Permit Fees are required to be paid prior to beginning construction. All licensed contractors working within the city limits must have a current City Privilege License before a permit can be picked up in their name.

Can I Get A Permit The Same Day?

Generally, no. The application must be reviewed by zoning, public works and the health department, etc.. Usually three days are needed before the permit can be issued.

When Do I Call For An Inspection?

This needs to be coordinated with the inspector at the time the permit is issued.

What Types Of Inspections Are Required?

  • Foundation
  • Floor system.
  • Rough-in for all trades.
  • Insulation.
  • Final for all trades - building, plumbing, electrical, mechanical and insulation.

What Is A Certificate Of Occupancy?

This document is issued when all construction complies with the requirements of the N.C. State Codes, allowing the resident to move into the home.

I Live Outside The City Limits, Do I Need A Permit?

Yes, code and zoning enforcement extends to the zoning jurisdiction boundarys. Contact us at (252) 975-9383.

Will I Need A Plot Plan?

Yes, showing all existing and/or proposed structures, including distances from the property lines. A copy of a survey map or a hand drawn copy to scale, if not already on file, will be accepted.

Floodplain Information

If your project is located within the 100 year floodplain, the finished floor must be elevated at or above the required height. A Flood Elevation Certificate will be required from a Licensed Registered Surveyor not later that 21 days after completion of the finished floor and a final elevation certificate prior to certificate of occupancy.

CAMA Permits Required

If the project is located in the Area of Environmental Concern, within 75' of a water body, a CAMA Permit or exemption letter will be required.

Septic Tank Permit

If the city does not provide sewer for your location, you will need to contact the Beaufort County Health Department (call 252-946-6048) to obtain a septic permit. This permit is required before the building permit can be issued.