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Department of Planning and Development Contact List

Mike Dail, CZO
Director of Community & Cultural Services 
Office Phone: (252) 975-9383
e-mail: mdail@washingtonnc.gov

Glen Moore
Planning Administrator
Office Phone: (252) 975-9317
e-mail: agmoore@washingtonnc.gov

Emily Rebert
Community Development Planner
Office Phone: (252) 946-0897
e-mail:  erebert@washingtonnc.gov

Dawn Maye
Administrative Support
Office Phone: (252) 975-9383
email:  dmaye@washingonnc.gov

Inspection Department Contact List

Mike Weldin
Chief Building Official
Office Phone: (252) 975-9304
email:  mweldin@washingtonnc.gov

Allen Pittman
Building Inspector
Office Phone: (252) 975-9334
email:  apittmanl@washingtonnc.gov

Clarence Gray
Code Enforcement
Office Phone: (252) 975-9352
email: cgray@washingtonnc.gov

Laura Tork
Administrative Support
Office Phone: (252) 975-9650
email:  ltork@washingonnc.gov

Contact by Mail:

City of Washington
Department of Planning & Development
P.O. Box 1988
Washington, NC 27889
(with "Attention To:" appropriate section or individual)

Street Address:
102 East Second Street
Washington, NC 27889