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City Directory

Jonathan Russell City Manager 252-975-9319 jrussell@washingtonnc.gov
Cynthia Bennett City Clerk 252-975-9318 cbennett@washingtonnc.gov

Jessica Green

Sr Admin Asst/Asst City Clerk



Customer Service
Michele Scannell Utilities Business Manager 252-975-9362 mscannell@washingtonnc.gov
Latisha Gibbs Cash Collections 252-975-9307 lgibbs@washingtonnc.gov
Teresa Waters Cash Collections 252-975-9326 twaters@washingtonnc.gov
Sharon Probert Cash Collections 252-975-9306 sprobert@washingtonnc.gov
Brown Library
Sandra Silvey Director 252-946-4300 ssilvey@washingtonnc.gov
Claudia Dahlen Reference Specialist/Genealogy 252-946-4300 cdahlen@washingtonnc.gov
Terry Rollins Youth Services Librarian 252-946-4300 trollins@washingtonnc.gov
Kim Davenport Technical Services Supervisor 252-946-4300 kdavenport@washingtonnc.gov
Teresa Patti Circulation Supervisor 252-946-4300 tpatti@washingtonnc.gov
Electric Utilities Operations
Alston Tankard Director 252-975-9313 atankard@washingtonnc.gov
Macon Respess Electric System Engineer 252-975-9344 mrespess@washingtonnc.gov
Josh Savage Meter Services Supervisor 252-975-9340 jsavage@washingtonnc.gov
Shane Lewis Utilities Support Superintendent 252-975-9365 slewis@washingtonnc.gov
  Transmission & Distribution Superintendent 252-975-9315  
Ronnie Buck Load Management Technician 252-975-9372 rbuck@washingtonnc.gov
Antromeed B. Johnson Admin Support Specialist 252-975-9303 ajohnson@washingtonnc.gov
Matt Rauschenbach Chief Financial Officer / Asst City Manager 252-975-9312 mrauschenbach@washingtonnc.gov
Tammy Swindell Asst. Finance Director 252-975-9360 tswindell@washingtonnc.gov
Jennifer Nelson Purchasing Agent / Warehouse Manager 252-975-9308 jnelson@washingtonnc.gov
Robbie Rose Chief of Fire / Rescue / EMS 252-948-9400 rrose@washingtonnc.gov
Mark Yates Division Chief / Fire Marshal 252-948-9401 myates@washingtonnc.gov
Amber Carter Admin Asst 252-975-9343 acarter@washingtonnc.gov
Human Resources
Stacey Everette Director/ADA Coordinator 252-975-9322 severett@washingtonnc.gov
Mitch Harris Risk Manager 252-975-9335 mharris@washingtonnc.gov
Nicole Williams HR Technician 252-975-9305 nwilliams@washingtonnc.gov
Information Technology
    252-975-9331 itsupport@washingtonnc.gov
Parks & Recreation
Kristi Roberson Director 252-975-9636 kroberson@washingtonnc.gov
Teresa Hamilton Events and Facilities Supervisor 252-975-9644 thamilton@washingtonnc.gov
Rick Brass Dockmaster 252-940-1231 rbrass@washingtonnc.gov
Zoe Taylor Special Populations Supervisor 252-975-9641 ztaylor@washingtonnc.gov
Stanhope Deatherage Aquatics & Fitness Supervisor 252-948-9420 sdeatherage@washingtonnc.gov
Mac Dainels Maintenance Supervisor 252-402-5226 mdainels@washingtonnc.gov
Planning & Development
Mike Dail Director 252-975-9384 mdail@washingtonnc.gov
Glenn Moore Planner 252-975-9317 agmoore@washingtonnc.gov
Emily Rebert Community Development Planner 252-946-0897 erebert@washingtonnc.gov
Dawn Maye Admin Asst 252-975-9383 dmaye@washingtonnc.gov
Michael Weldin Chief Building Official 252-975-9304 mweldin@washingtonnc.gov
Allen Pittman Senior Building Code Official 252-975-9334 apittman@washingtonnc.gov
Clarence Gray  Codes Enforcement Officer 252-975-9352 cgray@washingtonnc.gov
Police Department
Stacy Drakeford Chief of Police 252-946-1444 sdrakeford@washingtonnc.gov
Kimberly Grimes Criminal Justice Program Adm. 252-943-1715 kgrimes@washingtonnc.gov
Ronnie Watson Captain, Criminal Investigations 252-946-1444 rwatson@washingtonnc.gov
Vacant Captain, Administration 252-946-1444  
Michael Broadwell Captain Patrol Division 252-948-9444 mbroadwell@washingtonnc.gov
Angela Flowers Evidence & Property Specialist 252-975-9375 aflowers@washingtonnc.gov
Public Works
Adam Waters Director 252-975-9302 awaters@washingtonnc.gov
Terry Boyd Admin Asst 252-975-9302 tboyd@washingtonnc.gov
Hope Woolard Water Resources Superintendent 252-975-9310 hwoolard@washingtonnc.gov
Mike Woodward Engineering Technician 252-975-9302 mwoodward@washingtonnc.gov
Lonnie Woolard Treatment Plants Operations Supervisor 252-927-9374 lwoolard@washingtonnc.gov
Billy Wynne, Sr. Distribution & Collection System Supervisor 252-975-9351 bwynnesr@washingtonnc.gov
Billy Wynne, Jr. Fleet Maintenance Supervisor, Garage 252-975-9337 bwynne@washingtonnc.gov
Jerome Tyson Public Works Supervisor, Cemetery 252-975-9314 wtyson@washingtonnc.gov
Washington - Warren Airport
Earl Malpass Washington-Warren Airport Manager 252-946-3900 emalpass@washingtonnc.gov
Washington Tourism and Development Authority
Erin Ruyle Director 252-948-9415 eruyle@washingtonnc.gov
ReAnne Mayo Civic Center Coordinator 252-975-9316 rmayo@washingtonnc.gov
Visitor Center   252-948-9415 visitus@littlewashingtonnc.com