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Electric Rates

Electric rate schedules are being revised and will be posted soon.

Electric Rates

Residential electric customers pay a basic charge of $9.10 a month for a single phase service or $19 a month for a three-phase service. (Most single family residences have a single phase service.) Electricity usage is billed at 9.617 cents per kilowatt hour from June to September. From October to May, the kilowatt hour charge is reduced to 8.814 cents per kilowatt hour for usage over 800 kilowatt hours.

Other types of service, such as for non-residential or industrial customers, have separate rate schedules. Call Customer Services at 252-975-9300 for additional information about rates, or view the rate schedules listed below.


Rate Code On Utility Bill

Church Service RC1 / RC3
Decorative Street Lighting
General Service Coordinated Demand Control CD1 / CT1
General Service Time-of-Use TD1 / TD3
GreenPower Schedule Number 1 GP1
GreenPower Schedule Number 2 GP2
Industrial Service IND
Industrial Service Coordinated Demand Control CD2
Large General Service GS2 / GT2
Load Management Credits  
Load Management Rider Number 1 LMR-1
Load Management Rider Number 2 LMR-2
Load Management Rider Number 3 LMR-3
Load Management Service SLMS
Medium General Service MG1 / MT1 / MG3 / MT3
Outdoor Lighting Service  
Recreational General Service RG1 / RG3
Residential Service Generation Option RGN
Residential Service RS1 / RS3
Small General Service GS1 / GT1 / GS3 / GT3
Underground Subdivision Service Schedule