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Historic Preservation

Washington's Historic District "Guidelines for Property Owners"

Part 1: Historic Washington

Washington's rich history adds to the character of the community. The City was founded in 1776 - the same year of our nation's independence. It was the first town in America to have been named for George Washington. Because of Washington's strategic location at the junction of coastal and inland rivers, the town developed as a regional shipping center. Washington also was a federal supply outpost during the Revolutionary War.

Washington has rebuilt after devastating fires destroyed all but a few of the City's antebellum structures. The construction that followed the second major fire in 1900 (the first burning was during the War Between the States) produced a concentration of Victorian era homes and commercial buildings in the area now designated as the Washington Historic District. Composed of the waterfront business district and surrounding neighborhoods, the Historic District also boasts fine examples of revival, colonial, Greek, federal, traditional cottages, and other architectural styles.

Washington's Historic District is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is one of the largest commercial and residential historic districts in North Carolina. It is a source of pride for the community, and the City of Washington is committed to preserving the character of this area.

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