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Historic Preservation

Washington's Historic District "Guidelines for Property Owners"

Part 4: Certificate of Appropriateness

Exterior improvements, new construction, or changes to property in the Historic District require review by the City to ensure that changes will comply with Historic District Guidelines. The City must issue a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) before a property owner can erect, alter, restore, demolish, or move any of the following: any exterior portion of the building; property features such as stone walls, fences, light fixtures, steps and pavement; above-ground utility structures; or outdoor advertising signs.

Projects that will not alter the appearance and character of the property and/or will recreate the property's original appearance are considered minor works. City staff can issue a Minor Works COA for certain improvements. More substantial projects require review by the Historic Preservation Commission before receiving a COA. The Commission also reviews requests that have been denied by the City staff.

A COA is never required for improvements in the interior of a building.

Before proceeding with improvements to the exterior of a building or property in the Historic District, the property owner should contact the City's Planning and Development Department at (252) 975-9384 about obtaining a Certificate of Appropriateness. Property owners will need to complete a form to describe the work to be performed and pay a fee. For some projects, property owners also may need to secure other permits from the City's Inspection Division. Copies of the Historic District Guidelines and Historic District Maps are available from the City's Department of Planning and Development.

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