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Manufactured (Mobile) Home Information

To Obtain a Permit:
Minimum Information needed to complete an application for a Manufactured (Mobile) Home Installation permit.

  1. Project Address
  2. Property owner's name
  3. Tax Parcel # (may be obtained from tax office, if not on file).
  4. Total contract cost.
  5. HVA/C contractor, phone #, Lic.#.
  6. Electrical contractor, phone #, Lic.#.
  7. Plumbing contractor, phone #, Lic.#.
  8. Home setup contractor, phone #, Lic.#.
  9. Year, size, model and serial number.
  10. Full description of work to be done.
  11. Plot plan.

What is the Cost of the Permit?
$100.00 for a single wide
$125.00 for a double wide

Can I Get the Permit the Same Day?
Generally, no. It must be reviewed by zoning, public works, health deparment, etc.. Usually three days are required before the permit can be issued.

Is a Permit Required?
Yes. Always call if you are not sure when a permit is required or if you have any questions.

Setup Inspection

  1. Must provide MFG setup manual.
  2. Provide completed MFG setup info sheet.
  3. All electrical must be complete.
  4. Steps must be level, stable and with rails.
  5. Deck/porches must be complete.
  6. Backflow preventer must be installed.
  7. House numbers must be installed.
  8. Skirting must not be installed until final inspection.

General Information

  1. If located within the floodplain, an elevation certificate is required.
  2. FEMA setup required in floodplain.
  3. An auxiliary structure must be self-supporting or engineered.
  4. Additions must be engineered or 3rd party approved with documentation.
  5. Skirting is required within the city limits.
  6. Minor repairs to Vol. VII or engineer.
    Major repairs to 3rd party HUD Inspection.