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City of Washington, Subdivision Ordinance
Manual of Standard Designs and Details

Standard Designs and Details
City of Washington
Department of Planning and Development

Standard details included in this issue are valid as of March 1, 1996 and shall be used. Standard details applicable to individual projects shall be noted by reference in the plans.

Subsequent revisions will be issued as individual sheets to be incorporated in this book when issued by the Planning Office.*

Any variation from the standard details shown herein shall be by special details shown on the project plans and approved by the City Council.

*Such revisions will appear as new pages on this website when issued by the Planning Office.

This section is still under construction. Thank you for your patience!

Cover Sheet Table of Contents
Series #
Preliminary and Final Plat Preparation
Storm Drainage Design
Sedimentation and Erosion Control
Basins, Pipes, Manholes
Endwalls and Retaining Walls
Street Standards
Pavement Design
Ground Cover
Storm Water Detention
Construction Plan Preparation