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Junk, Abandoned & Nuisance Vehicles
Frequently Asked Questions

This is for general information only! Consult with the City of Washington Inspection Department for current ordinance requirements.

A Junked Motor Vehicle determination is based, in part, upon the following:
1 - Is it partially dismantled/wrecked?
2 - Can it be self-propelled or moved in a manner as originally intended? If no, it is a junked vehicle.
3 - Is it more than five years old & appears to be worth less than $100.00?

If it meets any of the above criteria it may qualify as a junked vehicle.

Can I bring it into compliance? Yes.
a. You may have only one vehicle;
b. located in the rear yard & covered by an approved covering or;
c. concealed in a garage.

Will you pull my car away?
If not brought into compliance, yes. After notification by first class mail or by placing a Notice Sticker on the vehicle and waiting 7 days a violation will be brought into compliance.

How can I get my vehicle back?
By paying the $40.00 towing fee, a storage fee which is set by the towing company and receiving a release form from the Inspection Official that all conditions have been met. If another violation occursthe vehicle will be towed without further notice.

What will happen if I don't pay all fees?
The vehicle will be disposed of by the tow truck operator or towing business having custody of the vehicle according to N.C. State Law.

What is an approved covering?
An approved covering is a car cover or tarp (color must be aesthetically compatible with neighborhood - no fire engine red/loud colors).

My car has valid license plates and an inspection sticker - can it be considered junk?
According to the City of Washington Code of Ordinances a vehicle could have current license plates and an inspection sticker and still be considered a junk vehicle.

What is an Abandoned Vehicle?
One that is left on a public street in violation of prohibited parking; or left longer than seven days; or left on private property without the consent of the owner, occupant or lessee for longer than two hours.

How do I get an abandoned vehicle moved that is parked on the street in front of my house?
The City of Washington Police Department, (252) 946-1444, is responsible for administering the removal of abandoned vehicles on the public streets.

What is a Nuisance Vehicle?
One that has been declared or determined to be a health or safety hazard and including:
1 - Breeding ground/harboring mosquitoes, etc.
2 - A point of heavy growth of weeds.
3 - Collection point or ponds of water.
4 - Concentration of gas or other flammables.
5 - Can't operate hood or trunk from inside.
6 - Danger of vehicle overturning or falling.
7 - Collectoin point for garbage, food, or animal waste, any rotten or putrescible matter.
8 - Has sharp parts, jagged metal or glass.
9 - Any other declared nuisance by City Council.

Why is the City so concerned about my vehicle?
The objectives referred to in the above section are to promote or enhance:
1 - the quality of urban attractiveness and aesthetic appearance
2 - the protection of property values
3 - the preservation of the livability and attractiveness of the neighborhood
4 - the promotion of tourism, conventions, and other opportunities for economic development
5 - the attractiveness of the thoroughfares and roads to public visitors
6 - promotion of the comfort, happiness, and emotional stability of occupants of property in the vicinity of junked motor vehicles.

What if I have other questions?
Please call the City of Washington Inspection Department.