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Plumbing Repair & Installation for the Homeowner

Can I Do the Work Myself?
Yes, if you Own and Occupy a single family residence. If you are not licensed by the State of N.C., you may be required to take and pass a plumbing test administered by the City of Washington Inspection Department.
Volume VII of the N.C. State Building Code must be followed for installation compliance.
Permits and inspections are required (see below) and may be obtained at 102 East Second St. or call 252-975-9352 / 252-975-9304.

Do I Need a Permit?
No, when repair or replacement of:
Replacement water heater with like size and type
Water lines that are damaged/burst with like size and type
To remove plugs or caps and clean clogged lines
Changed elements
Other miscellaneous parts on domestic water heaters

Yes, if not in the above listing.
Always call if you are not sure if a permit is required or if you have any questions.

Water Services Replacement
1. Minimum size of water service is 3/4".
2. Minimum depth is 12 inches buried.
3. Main shutoff is within 2 feet of house.
4. Trench must remain uncovered for inspection.
5. Through foundations require sleeves.

Water Heater Replacement
1. Minimum water supply is 3/4".
2. Water shutoff required within 3' on C.W. line.
3. T & P drain to extend within 6" of the floor.
4. Water lines in unconditioned spaces must be insulated.
5. Water heater in attic must have safety pan/drain or 2nd story.
6. Clearances per MFG requirements.
7. Maximum size is 120 gallons.

Building Sewer Replacement
1. Minimum size sewer line is 4 inches.
2. Minimum depth is 12 inches buried.
3. Cleanout required within 10' of house.
4. Cleanout required at tap and each 75'.
5. Minimum fall is 1/8 inch per foot.
6. Trench must remain uncovered for inspection.
7. Black and white pipe can't be glued together.

To Obtain a Permit:
Minimum Information needed to complete an application for a plumbing permit when the homeowner does their own work and is approved by the inspection department.
1. Project Address.
2. Property owner's name.
3. Tax Parcel #. May be obtained from the tax office, if not on file.
4. Specific description of work to be done.

What is the Cost of the Permit?
Cost of permit is $25.00, unless the cost exceeds $5,000.00.

Can I Get the Permit the Same Day?
Generally, yes. Provided the information listed above is given and approved.

How Long is the Permit Valid?
Permit expires if work or construction is not begun within 6 months.

When Do I Need to Call for an Inspection?
You need to coordinate with the inspector at the time permit is issued.