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Policies & Procedures

Rental Policy
Requests for use or rental of Recreation Department buildings, rooms, gyms, docks, and ballfields may be made in person or by phone (252-975-9644) with Visa or Mastercard at least two week in advance through the Recreation Administrative Office.

Picnic Shelter Reservations
Havens Gardens picnic shelters can be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis at the Recreation Administrative Office. A small fee is charged (fee is waived for Beaufort County school groups).

Use of Facilities
Recreation-sponsored activities have precedence over all other activities. Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are not allowed on Parks and Recreation grounds or inside facilities.

Youth Athletics Leagues
Independent sports leagues are organized and run by local volunteers to provide organized team sports play for local youth. The Recreation Department co-sponsors youth sports activities with the leagues by maintaining facilities, supplying lighting. Each league (not the Recreation Department) determines its own rules for registration and play.

Relationship Between the Recreation Department and the Leagues
The Recreation Department and the Youth Athletics Leagues abide by a standard written agreement that lists each agency's responsibilities.

Dogs and Cats on City of Washington Property
The Washington City Code prohibits dogs or cats, including those restrained by leashes, from going onto any city-owned or leased athletic centers, parks, wetlands boardwalk, or Oakdale or Cedar Hill cemeteries, except for as mentioned below.

Permitted Pet Walking Areas
Dogs and cats are allowed in the following public areas: on the north bank of Jack's Creek between Brown and MacNair streets, next to the Pamlico River on the west side of the Jack's Creek Bridge across East Main Street (across from Armory Pointe Apartments), between Maple Street and the Eastern Elementary school grounds, and at the City Boat Ramp. Owners may walk pets on leashes along the Stewart Parkway promenade.  Pets are NOT allowed on the boardwalks.

Cleaning Up After Pets
Pet owners must remove feces deposited by their animal on public streets, highways, sidewalks, public property or on private property without the property owner's permission. No feeding of animals along Stewart Parkway, any boardwalks, Haven's Gardens.