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Departments & Services

Public Works Department

The Public Works Department delivers services such as street maintenance and construction, street cleaning, sidewalk construction and maintenance, sanitation services, brush and leaf collection, curb and gutter construction, storm drainage and right-of-way maintenance, and cemetery maintenance and burials.  The City's Water and Wastewater utilities also are managed through the Public Works Department.

Solid Waste Division

The Solid Waste Division provides several programs that ensure a clean and healthful environment for our City. The refuse collection program is responsible for the collection and transfer of solid waste from residential and commercial areas to the Beaufort County Solid Waste Transfer Station. Our recyclables are collected once a week. In the yard waste collection program, City employees collect leaves, limbs and other brush at the curb once a week. The free bulky trash program helps our residents dispose of any items that are too large to place in a garbage cart. This program operates the second full week of February, May, August and November. At other times residents may dispose of any of the above items at no charge at any of the Beaufort County Solid Waste Convenience Centers (Magnolia School Road, Gray Road-Chocowinity, and Cherry Run Road are closest to Washington) or may arrange for the City to pick them up at a charge of $100 per truckload by calling Public Works at (252) 975-9302.

Drainage Division

The Drainage Division is responsible for maintaining 10 miles of open ditches and 32 miles of storm drains within the City limits. This division also cleans and repairs all catch basins that drain City streets and maintains and operates the Jack's Creek Lift Station.

Cemeteries Division

The Cemeteries Division operates and maintains the City's two burial facilities: Cedar Hill Cemetery and Oakdale Cemetery.

Streets Division

The Streets Division provides the following programs: street maintenance, sidewalk maintenance, and street cleaning services. The street maintenance program is responsible for pavement repairs, street shoulder repairs, curb and gutter repairs, and street marking on 57.46 miles of paved City streets and 1.55 miles of unpaved streets. The sidewalk maintenance program provides on-going maintenance and replacement of damaged sidewalks. The street cleaning program sweeps all City streets at regular intervals.

Permit Application Form - Street Cuts


Water Resources Division

The Water Resources Division of Public Works is responsible for treating ground water and for treating wastewater. The water plant treats water so that it meets EPA and State permit standards. The Water Plant not only serves residents of the City, but also the Beaufort County water districts. The nationally-recognized Wastewater Treatment plant treats wastewater from homes, businesses and industries, so that it meets EPA and State permit standards. This plant not only serves residents of the City, but also the Town of Chocowinity, Cypress Landing and Fountain Power Boats.  Latest Water Quality Report  

 Water & Sewer Division 

The Water and Sewer Division of Public Works is responsible for delivering water and sewer services to customers in the City of Washington and outlying areas of Beaufort County. The Water Distribution Division is responsible for maintaining and repairing the water distribution system as well as constructing water mains, installing new water connections and maintaining hydrants. The Wastewater Collection Division is responsible for collecting wastewater and transporting it to the wastewater treatment plant, constructing sewer lines, maintaining and repairing the collection system, and installing new connections to the system. The Meter Service Division is responsible for testing, repairing, installing and replacing customers' water meters.  Waste Water Annual Report

General Services Division

The General Services Division of Public Works provides operating and maintenance service for all of the City's vehicles and equipment. This division also performs general repairs on dumpsters and fabricates many metal parts for all City departments. They also provide fuel services for all City equipment, as well as Beaufort County Departments, Beaufort County Developmental Center and Beaufort County Hospital.