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Residential Equipment Changes

(HVA/C) Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

To Obtain a Permit:
Minimum information needed to complete an application for a HVA/C changeout permit.
1. Project Address.
2. Property owner's name.
3. Tax Parcel #. May to obtained from the tax office, if not on file.
4. Total contract cost.
5. HVAC contractor, phone #, Lic. #.
6. Electrical contractor, phone #, Lic. #.
7. Full description of work to be completed (type, system, tons, etc.)

What Is the Cost of the Permit?
Cost of each trade permit is $35.00, unless the cost exceeds $5,000.00.

Can I Get the Permit the Same Day?
Generally, yes. Provided the information listed above is given and approved.

When Do I Need to Call for an Inspection?
You need to coordinate with the inspector at the time permit is issued,
but must be scheduled within 14 days of completition..