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Solid Waste Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am moving to Washington soon.  How do I get started with sanitation service?


A. First of all, welcome to Washington!  Request a solid waste package when you have your utilities turned on.  If you do not have a roll out cart and recycling bin at your new residence, then ask the representative to have them delivered, or you may call Public Works office at (252) 975-9302 to make the request.

Q. Do I need to purchase and/or provide my own containers?

A. Each utility customer is charged a monthly garbage service fee on your utility bill.  This fee covers the cost of providing you with a roll out cart and recycle bin.  This fee also covers the cost to pickup your household garbage, recycling, yard waste, and bulky items.  All services are provided one time per week on a scheduled collection day; except, the bulky items are collected the second full weeks of February, May, August, and November on your scheduled collection day.

Q. Will my garbage, recycling, and yard waste be collected at the same time?

A. No, different trucks pickup different items throughout your scheduled pickup day.

Q. My garbage, recycling, or yard waste was missed.  What do I do?

A. Occasionally a container may be missed.  Please call 975-9302 and your container will be serviced as soon as possible.

Q. How do I prepare the yard waste for collection?
A. Yard waste such as loose leaves, grass clippings, and other small yard  debris should be placed in plastic bags or containers provided by the resident marked "yard waste" for collection on scheduled day.

Q. What time do I need to put my solid waste out?

A. Roll out carts, recyclables, yard waste, and limbs need to be placed at the curb or edge of sidewalk by 7 A.M. on collection day.

Q. Does the City provide leaf collection?

A. Yes, our loose leaf collection season starts November 1 and runs through February 15.   
During this time, leaves should be placed loose at curb or along the sidewalk.  Placing leaves in the street is prohibited, because they can  be a traffic hazard and/or they clog the storm drains and catch basins.  Loose leaves are not collected on your scheduled collection day; but the schedule is determined by the demand. The city's crews begin collecting at one area and will cover the entire city.  Once the entire City has been covered they begin again.

From February 16 – October 31 leaves are collected at the curb when bagged or placed in containers marked "yard waste" provided by the resident.

Q. I live in a multi-family (apartment) complex.  How do I dispose of my garbage/recycling?

A. Your garbage should be placed in dumpsters provided by your complex.  The city will provide recycling bins for those that choose to recycle.  An area will be designated for the collection of these bins.

Q. How do I dispose of paint?

A. Paint cans need to be opened so paint can fully dry and harden.  Closed containers and liquid paint will not be collected.  Empty cans or completely dried cans may be placed in the household garbage.

Q. How would I find out about the sanitation holiday schedule?

A. The schedule is available on the government access channel (channel 9), and on the city's website at www.ci.washington.nc.us, or by calling 975-9302.

Q. What is done with the recyclables once picked up from my home?

A. The recyclables are taken to East Carolina Vocational Center (ECVC) located in Greenville, NC.  The Staff separates the recyclables and sells them in markets that will make recycled products for resale.