Business Privilege Licenses

Although the State of North Carolina no longer allows towns and cities to require a business license, it is prudent to check with local zoning officials and building inspectors prior to starting a business, purchasing property for a business, or signing a lease to rent a property to start a business.

The property must be zoned appropriately to allow the business you intend to operate and the building or structure must meet proper North Carolina building codes to be used for business purposes.

  • To determine if a property can be used for a particular business please contact the Development Services Department at 252-975-9383.
  • To determine if a structure meets the required building codes for business use please contact the Inspections Department at 252-975-9650.

The City of Washington requires licensing/registration for the following:

It shall be unlawful for the above to engage in such business within the City limits without first obtaining a license.  Contact City Hall at 252.975.9300 or email to obtain an application.

Peddlers and Solicitors within City limits shall be required to register with the City of Washington Police Department at least ten (10) days before soliciting any such subscription. This does not apply to persons soliciting charitable contributions.  Contact the City Police Department at 252-946-1444 for more information.