811 - Call Before You Dig

Today, more and more of the utility companies that supply your home or business with power, heat, water, telephone, sewer, gas and cable television service are delivering those service underground. It is also possible that these buried service lines are close to the surface, making digging a dangerous endeavor. Fortunately, you can find out where public utility-owned lines are buried on your property by contacting 811 either by phone or online. NC 811 will notify  our member utility companies of your excavation needs and those utilities will have professional locators mark their buried lines, free of charge.

The law requires that 3 full days before every excavation, the person responsible places a notification request to NC 811. This allows time for the underground utilities to mark their lines so that you can avoid them during excavation. NC 811 does NOT mark the utilities. But they do notify us on your behalf to keep you and utilities safe.
It's fast, it's free and it's the LAW.

Click here to watch a video describing how the 811 process works in North Carolina.