Common Household Appliance Energy Use

Want to know what it costs to run some of your day-to-day appliances?  Read on to find out.

kitchenRefrigerator: $10-$22/month
Freezer: $15-$30/month
Electric Oven: 30-60 cents/hour
Electric Range Top Burner: 7-30 cents/hour
Microwave: 6-18 cents/hour
bulbs - Copy (2)
Incandescent bulb (1000 Watts): 1 cent/hour
Fluorescent bulb: 1 cent/4 hours

              el heater - Copy (2)
Electric Fan: 1-7 cents/hour
Window Air Conditioner: 9-28 cents/hour
Central Air Conditioner: 48-66 cents/hour
Electric Heating: $35-$400/month
Portable Electric Heater: 9-18 cents/hour
Electric Water Heater: $20-$30/month

:circle - Copy
Washing Machine: 3-23 cents/load
Dryer: 30-60 cents/load
Vacuum: 5-9 cents/hour
Hair Dryer: 1 cent/5 minutes
TV: 1-5 cents/hour
Stereo: 1-3 cents/hour

: TVs, Computers, and other devices left plugged in but not turned on still draw power.

**To estimate the number of hours that a refrigerator actually operates at its maximum wattage, divide the total time the refrigerator is plugged in by three. Refrigerators, although turned “on” all the time, actually cycle on and off as needed to maintain interior temperatures.**