About PCM

pat_snowboardPatrick was killed on August 30, 2003, at the age of 13. Our family was returning home from a NC State University football game when we were involved in an auto accident. Patrick's death literally rocked our community. We are most grateful to all who have mourned Patrick's death and continue to celebrate his life with us.   

pic1Several months after Patrick's untimely death, we were asked to meet with the Mayor and several other officials of the City of Washington. The birth of the Patrick Cochran Memorial Skatepark took place at that meeting.

Patrick was an avid athlete, participating in organized sports since the age of 4. Football, basketball, baseball and soccer were the choices in Washington and he played them all. Soccer was his favorite. He began wrestling as a 7th grader. But Patrick was very drawn to the "board" sports. On his board, he could do it all by himself. Skateboarding was the true love, but he was an accomplished snowboarder and wakeboarder. He even "sand boarded" down Jockey's Ridge in Nags Head. On his board, Patrick found he could push himself to go higher, ride faster, and flip quicker. He was at home on a board!

Patrick's ever-present smile and
 his wit were his trademarks. His passion for life was obvious to all who knew him. It was contagious. Patrick valued family and friends, and was always striving to do his best. Whether he finished first or not, the objective to give his best was the first priority.

Cindy and I, Emily and Kyle want to express our heartfelt gratitude to the people of our community for their unwavering support. In the most difficult time a family could ever face, we have been surrounded by love and compassion. Our son, brother and friend left us way too soon and Washington lost one of its most vibrant teens!

Our sincere thanks are also extended to each and every one of you that has supported the Patrick Cochran Memorial Skatepark. Patrick's friends are too many to list; they are a constant reminder of why we are so driven to see this project to completion. A special thanks and recognition to our family and our Respess Street neighbors -- AKA "The Garage" -- without them most fundraisers would not take place -- Ray, Joni, Kelly, Jennifer, Mike, Alisa, Myra, Possum, Larry, Sue, Danny, Barbara, Ryan, Tyler, Jennifer, Stephanie, Lauren, Justin, Laura Ashley, Matt, Brooke, Lesley, Ayla, Sam, Jessica, Adam, Seth, Betsy, Jimmie, Bill, Betty, Dan, Hilda, Gretchen, Michelle, Carter, John, Tammy, and Amy!

-- William, Cindy, Kyle, & Emily Cochran