Posted Skatepark Rules & Regulations


1.     All participants are required by City ordinance to sign a waiver from the City before entering the Skatepark, display a decal furnished by the City on his/her helmet at all times when using the Skatepark, and wear appropriate safety gear at all times when using the Skatepark, including the following:

Helmets must be certified for skating/skateboarding and fit properly with straps fastened.  Knee and elbow pads and guards are MANDATORY.  All safety gear must be in good repair at all times during use.
2.     The first decal furnished by the City to an individual will be free of charge.  Any individual requesting an additional or replacement decal must pay a $2.00 fee before receiving said decal.
3.     This is a Skatepark ONLY.  Only in-line skates and skateboards are permitted.
Any other device or equipment, including bicycles, scooters and motorized vehicles, is PROHIBITED. 
4.     Enter at your own risk.  This Skatepark is unsupervised.  The City is absolved of any liability by State law (N.C. Gen. Stat. § 99E-21 et seq.).  Flying objects are NOT uncommon.
5.      DO NOT enter the Skatepark unless actively skateboarding or in-line skating in accordance with these regulations.  NO spectators are allowed inside the skating area.  Watch outside the skating area for your own safety.
6.      Engaging in profanity, reckless and boisterous behavior (including, but not limited to, tandem riding, pushing, horseplay, and bullying), or any other activity which could endanger the safety of persons using the Skate Park or spectators is PROHIBITED.
7.      NO additional obstacles, including but not limited to rails, ramps or other materials, may be brought into the Skatepark.
8.      Alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs are PROHIBITED within the Skatepark or on City property where the Skatepark is located.  NO ONE is permitted to enter or be upon the Skatepark while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
9.      Glass containers or other breakable glass products (bottles, jars, etc.) are not permitted inside the Skatepark.
10.    No food, drink, gum, or other edible items are permitted inside the Skatepark.
11.    KNOW YOUR ABILITIES and skate within them.  Exercise COMMON SENSE and COURTESY to others.
13.   Please use trash containers to keep park clean.
14.    Protect your Skatepark from graffiti. Engaging in graffiti, tagging or other defacing of City property or the property of others is PROHIBITED.
15.    DO NOT use the Skatepark when the surface of the Skatepark is wet or icy or other conditions exist that could adversely affect the safety of skaters or skateboarders.
16.    Use of the facility is permitted only during Skatepark hours as posted at the Skatepark, which are subject to change from time to time at the discretion of the City. 
17.    Any violation of these rules will result in trespass citations, criminal citations under the City Code as well as State law and/or possible seizure of equipment.

18.   The City of Washington reserves the right to revoke the use and/or occupation of the Skatepark for those individuals who do not obey the rules.  In addition, all City ordinances and park rules will be enforced.