Historic Preservation Commission (HPC)

The Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) is charged with preserving and protecting the cultural and architectural character of Washington. In addition to reviewing proposed projects and Certificates of Appropriateness affecting locally designated historic properties, the HPC is responsible for local district and landmark designation. 

This board consists of seven (7) members appointed by City Council. All members must reside within Washington’s  city limits. 

Historic Preservation Commission Membership List

The Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers located in the Municipal Building at 102 E 2nd Street.  

Deadlines for submitting a Certificate of Appropriateness:  Fifteenth (15) of the month to be heard at the following month's meeting.  (See below for meeting dates and submittal deadlines.)

For a copy of agendas and minutes click on the following:  Agendas and Minutes.
For a copy of the Historic Preservation Commission Design Standards click on the following: Design Standards
To view the proposed Updates to the Historic Preservation Commission Design Standards click on the following: Proposed Updates to the Historic Preservation Design Standards

For information on applying to become a member please see the following link:  Advisory Board Applications & Proclamation Applications.

Meeting Date Submittal Deadline
  January 03, 2023
  December 15, 2022
  February 07, 2023
  January 17, 2023
  March 07, 2023
  February 15, 2023
  April 4, 2023
  March 15, 2023
  May 02, 2023
  April 17, 2023
  June 06, 2023
  May 15, 2023
  July 05, 2023
  June 15, 2023
  August 01, 2023
  July 17, 2023
  September 05, 2023
  August 15, 2023
  October 03, 2023
  September 15, 2023
  November 07, 2023
  October 16, 2023
  December 05, 2023
  November 15, 2023
  January 02, 2024
  December 15, 2023