Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Division is responsible for increasing public understanding of the city's ordinances, policies and procedures. The Code & Zoning Enforcement Officer  works to promote a healthy and safe environment for citizens and visitors by handling the following issues: 

  • Minimum Housing Code Violations. 
  • Public Nuisance Violations such as high weeds and grass, trash and debris and graffiti.  
  • Junk & Abandoned Vehicles that are parked on private property. 
  • Zoning Ordinance violations such as signs and improper uses of land.

The Code Enforcement Division also issues permits for the keeping of chickens at residences in the City's jurisdiction. Citizens must apply for a permit to keep chickens and are permitted no more than six chickens on their property at a time, roosters are not allowed and the chickens must be secured and not allowed to run at large.  See the City of Washington's Zoning Regulations, Section 4-3. - Keeping farm animals, fowl.

Please contact our Code & Zoning Enforcement Officer, Jeff Huss at (252) 975-9352 or, if you have any concerns or questions regarding these matters.

Please find Code Enforcement related forms and applications at the link below:
***  Applications, Permits and Other Documents  ***