City of Washington and Washington Park Inspection Policy Statement

The information provided below is an overview of several areas of concern by our Community Rating Service Providee (CRS) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) auditors. They suggested that wehn completing th Flood Elevation Certificate that close attention be given to providing complete and accurate information. Including, contractors complying with the installation of all equipment.

  • Flood Elevation Certificate documents that are submitted to this office must utilize the Federal Emergency Management Agency National Flood Insurance Program approved form O.M.B. No. 3067-0077 which expires December 31, 2005. This office will only accept an original Flood Elevation Certificate that fully complies with the FEMA requirements including, but not limited to, providing a seal and signature in the box next to elevations in Section C. A photocopy, xerox, fax or other types will not be accepted.
  • City of Washington Owned Utility Meter Bases located within the Washington Inspection Jurisdiction must be located according to Washington Utility Standards, however a combo-pack is not allowed to be placed below base flood. All electrical, except as noted above, heating, ventilation, plumbing and air conditioning equipment shall be designed so as to prevent water from entering or accumulating within the components (including elevating the ductwork) during conditions of flooding or be installed above base flood.
  • A replacement in air handler/coil/etc. and/or duct work can be installed below base flood, as long as 50% rule does not come into effect. Substantial improvement (50%) does not allow new or replacement equipment to be installed below base flood. New systems installed at existing houses are permitted to be below base flood (but must be elevated at least to the existing finished floor level) as long as the 50% rule is not violated.
  • All structures, including accessory buildings regardless of size, require a permit before building or placement on the property.
  • All drawings, letters, maps, etc. that require a seal and signature must be submitted to this office as original. This would include an ink signature. No .pdf file, etc. type allowed.
  • Anyone needing assistance with determining BFE, zone, map number, community panel number or other Flood Insurance Rate Map information can request assistance by visiting the Inspection office Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or view the City of Washington website at or see the maps online at
  • If you have ANY questions or need additional information or clarification pertaining to the above statements, please call the City of Washington Inspection Department at 252-975-9352 / 252-975-9304. You can find many forms, brochures, etc. on our website located at