Manual of Standard Design and Details

The City of Washington's Manuel of Standard Design and Details  (MSDD) contains design requirements for the following:
  • subdivision plat preparation
  • storm drainage
  • basins, pipes and manholes 
  • endwalls and retaining walls
  • street construction
  • pavement design
  • ground cover
  • driveways
  • parking

Water, Sewer and Stormwater Detention
This manual does not contain a water distribution and sewer section or a stormwater detention regulations.  Contact Public Works at (252) 975-9302 for the latest version of the Water and Sewer Design and Construction Manual and Stormwater Detention Design Regulations.

Sedimentation and Erosion Control
Sedimentation and Erosion Control
 permitting for the City of Washington is handled by the NC Department of Environmental Quality