Fire Marshal

Division Chief / Fire Marshal Johnathan Hardin
Phone: 252-948-9401

General Information

The single most important non-firefighting activity of a department is its Fire Prevention Inspection effort. This effort permits the department to make great strides in saving lives and protecting property through prevention and education. The importance of this effort is reflected in our Department's mission statement, which places education, prevention and enforcement ahead of actually mitigating a fire.

Under the authority vested in local government agencies by the General Statutes, the City Council adopted the North Carolina Fire Code, which established the frequency of building inspections, permit requirements, inspection/permit fees, penalties for violations and fire lane requirements.

The Fire Code requires inspections and plans review in order to insure that building occupancies are in full compliance with all applicable sections of the Code. These inspections and plans review attest to the compliance of the specific operations within the building, as well as any required fire protection devices or systems.

Here are some web-sites that you can use to learn more about fire safety. There are games and many more fun activates on the links below.