Uniformed Patrol

The Uniformed Patrol Division is the most visible component of the WPD.  Their duties include responding to 911 emergencies, investigating traffic crashes, enforcing DWI and other traffic safety laws and assisting the community with an assortment of needs.  Although arresting law breakers is a major part of their job, lots of a patrol officer's time is spent preventing crime.  This is certainly where the action is, where every shift brings something different.  There are School resource officers assigned to our high school and middle school.  These officers ensure an environment conducive to learning by providing an umbrella of safety at the schools.  They also act as mentors for many students, providing counseling and encouragement.  The WPD knows that our future leaders are school students today, and are dedicated in providing them the best school experience possible.  The Uniformed Patrol Division is commanded by Captain Michael Broadwell