Who to Call

Call 9-1-1 for medical, police or fire emergencies only!

American Red Cross (Beaufort County Chapter) 946-4110
Beaufort County Emergency Management 946-2046
Beaufort County Health Department 946-1902
City of Washington Inspections Division 975-9352 / 975-9304
National Flood Insurance Program 1-800-427-4661
North Carolina Natural Gas 1-800-275-6264
Washington Utilities (Power outages. Water & sewer system problems) 975-9320
Tideland EMC (Power outages) 943-3046
Progress Energy (Power outages) 1-800-419-6356
N.C. Department of Transportation (Highway conditions) 946-3689
Weather Report 927-2000 or974-5465, ext. 1500
N.C. Highway Patrol 1-800-441-6127
U.S. Cellular customers *HP
Telephone directory assistance 411
Washington Police Records 975-9375